Apple car launch was delayed until 2021

Car Apple is one of the most important projects that are in process in Cupertino at the moment, Tim Cook having high expectations from a product should be to enable his company to enter a market that until now could not access it in any action.

Car Apple is in the process of development in 2014 and Apple has hired hundreds of engineers from companies like Tesla, Ford, General Motors, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Nvidia, and many others, but despite the large number of people working in development project, it seems that he is behind the program set for launch.


Earlier this year the head of Project Titan, as it is known within Apple, left the company and substitute seems to have managed to bring things back to their normal, or at least this is the impression one leaves yet employees working Apple development machine.

The Cupertino settled 2020 for the official launch of electric car, but it seems that the problems encountered so far forced the bosses project to postpone for another one year the date on which car should hit the market, but even so, it is not sure whether or not it will reach stores in that time.

The group encountered a variety of difficulties, according to people who were informed on the evolution of Titan project.
Apple boss left the project in January, a sign that things were evolving positively. One of the people who worked temporarily at Titan project was informed that Apple planned to launch the product by 2020, but that target was changed for 2021.

Most people who develop machine Apple is working in Sunnyvale, California, there the Cupertino buying and renting various spaces to be able to develop peacefully product, yet least 5 years of development breaking up it when Apple should submit the officially to the world.

The dream of Apple to launch an electric car and maybe autonomous is yet far from being completed, but considering the vast financial resources that the company has is hard to believe that he will not be completed and the product will not be so great as expects worldwide.