„Facelift” your IOS 8.2 and make it look like IOS 8.3

Although April 1st is round the corner, it will take a long time untill we see a bound jailbreak. It is supposed that evasi0n/taig/pangu will break the ice which the tool produced for ios 8 will get backing to jailbreak iOS 8.2. Most of the users have already installed IOS 8.2 beta 4, but the majority of them who rely on jailbreak do not really know what to do with the iOS 8.1.3 ipsw file, or not even how to install iOS 8.3.

Although, if any of you had the chance to try one of the beta versions, is free to send me a feedback. Most of the new stuff considered to be cool which you can find in the iOS 8 are more copies of the cydia tweeks and apps. Despite of that, there are some new things that jailbreak comes up with. The aim of this article is to help you make your iDevice look like it is updated to  iOS 8. First of all, you need to know if your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is jailbroken. If it’s not, follow the instructions in order to jailbreak it and install hipstore ios 8, depending also on your operating system.

These cydia tweaks are going to make your device look like one running on iOS 8.1.3.

The most appropiate tweak of the iOS app switcher is Auxo, which is not that simple, but it gives you the opportunity to use the WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode and other options that you need.

The next step is to change the appearance of our device, with the help of Winterboard. This is not really a theme, but a theme manager with which you can search for themes in order to make your device look like one running on iOS 8.2. LiveClock is another application which makes your Clock app icon indicate the correct time.

Another new thing in the iOS 8.3 is a tweak named iCydiaBlog and it helps you to make custom black/whitelists or more other, so it is not just a simple blacklist application.

A new feature is the Notification Center, where tweaks like SBSettings and NCSetting help  you share your information on social networks easier.

You will be happy to hear that a new tweak named PhotoFilters appeared. Airdrop is also a new feature, and with the help of Instahare you will be able to send files between devices via WiFi.

You can update your device automatically using cydia apps or Auto App Updater.

Last but not least, is the LockInfo or iCydiaBlog.com, which helps you choose the way you interact with your data on the lockscreen of your device.