Wiki Jailbreak&Cydia – All you need to know

Things to know about Cydia 

Have you heard of Cydia? For those who haven’t heard of it, Cydia is a mobile application created by Jay Freeman (Saurik) to download and install programs for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPoud Touch. It offers both free and purchasable software packages for those who have iDevices. Cydia is often compared with the Apple App Store because both are platforms that tender millions of applications for iDevice owners.

A lot of iOS owners are searching for applications through Cydia because some of these applications have a price tag in Apple App Store, and Cydia offer them freely, and also because they can make any adjustments they like to their own iDevices. It can be used by mobile applications developers to upload and sell the applications they developed. These are the reasons why Cydia was considered a “farm fruit” for those who own an iOS device. Cydia started to become very popular after 2008 when its creator, Jay Freeman (Saurik), introduced the first open-source alternative to install applications on iPhone; from that year many iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users have installed Cydia on their iOS devices because it allowed them to download the applications that they dreamed of and to make different changes to their own iDevices.
Unlike Apple, Cydia offers special things such as downloading SBsettings from Cydia store with which you can change the outlook of your iPhone with different themes such as: iPhone Congruency theme, the Shwank theme and Serious theme. Also, this platform contains many free cracked applications that can be installed through an application called Installous.

As we can see Cydia is a very useful and important application that can be downloaded after you jailbreak your own iDevice. For those who do not know, jailbreak is a process which helps you to remove limitations on your own iDevice by having access to those areas that are not permitted by Apple. Thus all the restrictions imposed by Apple will be eliminated; many consider that jailbreaking is similar to hacking, but is an essential method to install Cydia on your iOS device.

Finally, Cydia is a platform very similar to Apple App Store that has both free and purchasable applications, but unlike Apple it has low cost applications and free software packages. It offers a lot of applications for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone users which can be downloaded or installed. That’s why it is considered to be like a “farm fruit” for iOS devices because you can get any application you want to use-this is the reason why iDevice owners were considered to be “fruit eaters”. Cydia cannot be downloaded and installed if you do not jailbreak your own iDevice. It is considered a very attractive mobile application because it gives you the right to install many free cracked applications.

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