MacBook Pro 2016 – OLED screen, Touch ID and a new design

At this time Apple is developing a conference during which introduced the MacBook Pro 2016 laptop waited more than a year by customers. Months of rumors have announced some of the news that Apple has prepared for clients and tonight we learn about all of them.


Apple announced this evening the two new models of the MacBook Pro 2016 13-inch screens with them and 15 inches and are available in silver and gray space. MacBook Pro 13-inch has a thickness of only 14.9 mm compared to 18 mm as have previous model, Apple reducing thickness by 17%.

15-inch MacBook Pro if we are talking about a 20% reduction in thickness from 18mm to 15.5 mm only, so it is thicker than the model with the smaller screen.

Trackpad and keyboard

Yes, the MacBook Pro 2016 comes with an improved trackpad, it certainly benefiting Force Touch technology launched by Apple some time ago. The new trackpad is 2 times higher than in the previous model and provides haptic feedback for the course that made interactions with him.

The new keyboard of the MacBook Pro 2016 is lower because the top is a new OLED screen it with a new mechanism of pressure. Apple appoints butterfly mechanism, making it much easier than pressing keys in the past.


Yes, that multifunctional OLED screen that replaces the top of the keyboard there in 2016 and called MacBook Pro TouchBar. Just like we heard before, it is a multitouch screen that responds to interactions made up of gestures and taken him.

New TouchBar adapts depending on the software that we use, so the operating system have certain control options while in various applications have other control options. Depending on your application, we can have quick access to options for editing photos, videos, or other control functions.

In TouchBar Apple displays a variety of control options from simple emoji or recommendations for words to write, to images library photo, options to control videos, or to jump to specific moments in them, or options to apply filters and effects to pictures.

TouchBar displays practically a multitude of control options that we see, for example, and iOS and MacOS gives us including the ability to customize the displayed keys. If Safari can use TouchBar to move quickly between pages or to access certain sections of the application, all very simple and easy.

Customizing the keys TouchBar is extremely easy using a dedicated menu buttons that we want to see in this screen can be simply drawn using a mouse.

Separately, TouchBar allows us to search in Maps application, answer calls FaceTime, to control applications such as iWork, iTunes, or Calendars, so we have total control throughout the operating system.

Touch ID

Yes, MacBook Pro 2016 has integrated Touch ID and it’s a fingerprint reader that scans our fingerprints to give us access to the operating system. Apple has created a T1 chip specifically for the MacBook Pro Touch ID 2016, having an enclave that keeps information safe.

The new Touch ID button is implemented in the Power button, the touch of his reading generating footprint and unlock Mac community. Moreover, Apple has implemented the ability to record fingerprints of multiple users, each fingerprint scanning making the transition from one account to another in an instant.

Screen and hardware


2016 MacBook Pro screen is 67% brighter, 25% play with more colors and has a contrast ratio up to 67% higher. This display is powered by an Intel i7 sixth generation of 2133 MHz memory, graphics card Radeon polaris Pro with up to 4GB RAM.

Moreover, Apple has implemented SSDs with speeds up to 3.1 GB / s, which is 50% faster than the previous models, they With capacities up to 2 TB.

Apple has redesigned the internal structure with a new cooling system, speakers size is also smaller, but with more power than previous models.

Girl MacBook Pro 2015 graphics processing power we are talking about 130% higher, with 60% better performance in games and with 57% higher performance in video editing.

13-inch MacBook Pro has Intel i5 / i7 2133 MHz RAM, Intel Iris graphics and the new SSD as the previous model.

Both new models of MacBook Pro Thunderbolt ports have four capable of transferring data at March 30 Gb / s, and USB 3.1 and second generation DisplayPort 1.2 port.

Regarding configurations, the base model of the MacBook Pro 13 inch Touch Bar has a quad-core Intel i5 2.9 GHz, 8 GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD. 15-inch model has quad-core Intel i7 processor clocked at 2.6 GHz, Radeon 450 graphics card, 16 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD.


Both models of the MacBook Pro delivers up to 10 hours of battery life for battery, enough for daily use.


The new Apple MacBook Pro models are available for order starting today through the Apple Store, but deliveries will begin in 2-3 weeks. Prices start at $ 1,499 and go up to $ 2,399, but can increase depending on the configuration.

Apple also will sell a fourth model of the MacBook Air, whose specifications have been updated but do not receive TouchBar or Touch ID.

Apple vs Samsung in China

Samsung has been left by Apple behind, as it maintains the very best mobile brand in China’s place, in devotion and recognition. Among the greatest smartphone consumer market on the planet, China has expressed its dismay given the Apple option.

Samsung has consistently been Apple’s largest competition of the recent years for many portion, with Samsung consistently being the top mobile brand in the big Chinese marketplace with regard to devotion and consumer recognition. China Brand Research Center is running surveys to rate distinct brands throughout the China Brand Power Index, where Samsung has consistently enjoyed the most effective standing for the brand that is cellular .


The recent 2014 survey yet, has Apple rocketing to snatch the leading standing. The most recent survey aged between 15 and 60 polled some 13,500 Chinese across 30 cities and was conducted to January 2014 from August 2013. The results note that this time around did really enhance, but Apple was able to squeeze past Samsung with one huge jump.

The China strategies of Apple were around and up for over a couple of years now, using the firm which makes it clear that it was about time that Apple recorded to the marketplace that is vast.

IPhone 6 Galaxy Note 4

In light of the positive developments, as well as the prevailing goal of getting an enormous ball of the Chinese marketplace, Apple is seeking to start 25 new retail shops in another couple of years in the united states with a population of over 1.4 billion.

It’s really been Apple’s year up to now, and when we look back at 2013, Tim Cook said “China is now our second-biggest marketplace, I consider it’s going to become our first.”

Via CNet

The simplest way to jailbreak on some of Apple’s gadgets

Not so long ago, the evad3rs team published the newest version of the evasi0n jailbreak, which will allow us to jailbreak our iPhones, which have the iOS 7.0.4. At the same time, the new service pack will include support for the others versions. So, we all can jailbreak our Apple devices, with this new evasi0n version, that use an operating system from 7.0.1 to 7.0.5.
The technology is compatible with iPhone (5S, 5C, 4S, 4), iPad (Air, Mini, forth generation with A6X chip, 3, 2nd mini) and with iPod touch fifth generation.
The team has worked months to complete the new tools and they made it very easy to use. The interface is intuitive and simple, because they wanted that everyone to be capable to use it, if they wanted.
For those who use  iOS .0.4 and .0.5 it is recommended to follow a few steps before using evasi0n jailbreak, because it reduces the possibility of errors. If you are using iOS7 then is highly recommended to do it. The steps are: to create o backup  inside iTunes and to reset the gadget to iOS .0.4. Go to the cydia source at, download cydia for free and save/extract the archive on your desktop.

When you are using evasi0n jailbreak 7 you have to do as we say in the following:
1. To get the evasion 7 from the website
2. If you did the step one, than you have to extract the files form the archive and place them on desktop because is easier to use them in this way
3. You have to plug the Apple gadget using an original Apple cable and you have to run the application (evasion 7)
4. When the Evasion 7 runed, if the apple gadget has been successfully plugged, than there should appear the option jailbreak. The only thing that you have to do is to click on the button
5. At this point Evasi0n 7 is doing his thing, and you should be aware that you shouldn’t use your device
6. In the exact moment when the Evasi0n 7 shows you to, you should unlock the gadget and to click once. After that, the device will restart
7. After the device has restarted, the process is complete, and on the display you will see the Cydia icon.
At this point you can install on your device whatever you want, without restrictions. Evasi0n 7 is very simple to use, and this quality is very important to an app. The work was huge and the code is very complicated, but the team managed to do it and they’ve successfully delivered a piece of technology which can be used by many.