Apple vs Samsung in China

Samsung has been left by Apple behind, as it maintains the very best mobile brand in China’s place, in devotion and recognition. Among the greatest smartphone consumer market on the planet, China has expressed its dismay given the Apple option.

Samsung has consistently been Apple’s largest competition of the recent years for many portion, with Samsung consistently being the top mobile brand in the big Chinese marketplace with regard to devotion and consumer recognition. China Brand Research Center is running surveys to rate distinct brands throughout the China Brand Power Index, where Samsung has consistently enjoyed the most effective standing for the brand that is cellular .


The recent 2014 survey yet, has Apple rocketing to snatch the leading standing. The most recent survey aged between 15 and 60 polled some 13,500 Chinese across 30 cities and was conducted to January 2014 from August 2013. The results note that this time around did really enhance, but Apple was able to squeeze past Samsung with one huge jump.

The China strategies of Apple were around and up for over a couple of years now, using the firm which makes it clear that it was about time that Apple recorded to the marketplace that is vast.

IPhone 6 Galaxy Note 4

In light of the positive developments, as well as the prevailing goal of getting an enormous ball of the Chinese marketplace, Apple is seeking to start 25 new retail shops in another couple of years in the united states with a population of over 1.4 billion.

It’s really been Apple’s year up to now, and when we look back at 2013, Tim Cook said “China is now our second-biggest marketplace, I consider it’s going to become our first.”

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Jailbreak with Pangu to Download Cydia on iOS 8

The Pangu Untether program version 0.3 has only been re-released on Cydia. This program was released yesterday, mostly for 32-bit devices, through use of CPU and to repair overheating. But immediately following the release, the program was discovered to cause booting up issues on some 64-bit devices and therefore was promptly removed from Cydia.

pangu 03 chief

Now it’s been released again with fix for both 32-bit and 64-bit devices.

It is necessary to notice that before you install:

You do not need to jailbreak if jailbroken are already you. To upgrade to the latest untether, just start Cydia on iPad your iPhone or iPod touch and browse to Changes tablature and hit ‘Refresh’ in the top right corner to get the most recent upgrades.

When you start to see the upgrade on ‘Pangu 8.0-8.1.x Untether’ program being accessible, just upgrade it to get to the latest variant.

Following a gentle reboot/respring, you need to be running variation is untethered by the latest.

For tutorials on install and how to jailbreak Cydia:

How For Windows On Mac To Jailbreak iOS 8 – 8.1
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vShare Download/Install on Every Jailbroken iPhone/iPad

Cydia – Dead or Alive?
The best way to install vShare on iPad or your iPhone

For people who do not understand other options to these two I’ll happily share them with you which are vShare and AppCake, but now we aren’t likely to talk about AppCake we are likely to talk about vShare and the best way to install it. IOS 7 is supported by vShare.

You may have to have to have a jailbroken iDevices so that you can install vShare. It is an untethered jailbreak variation for those who have not done I suggest you get Evasi0n7. After this we should install Cydia. Cydia does not house tweaks programs, subjects or any programs but it is a simple portal site offering you a chance to download programs from programmers from various repos. The more repos of finding the program you want the better alternative.

We are going to see that’s very user friendly, if we begin examining vShare. Compared with vShare, to Installous IPA files can be downloaded by you right away with no hassle or time limit.

Now let’s start our brief how tutorial about how to install it upon your iOS 7 device.
1. We are able to install vShare if all went well. Still in Cydia we install it and seek for vShare
2. We want first to get AppSync so that you can get vShare. This can allow you to get the program that is required and sync it. In the input field kind “” without quotations and after that delegate Add Source.

That is about it. Using vShare right away any program can be downloaded by you. Joyful downloading.

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5 smartphones that can replace the new iPhone

Apple is about to release its new flagship and it’s pretty sure to make a killing like they always do on the smartphone market.
Although the iPhone series are top of the line tech, they’re not the only alternative out there for consumers. 2013 has brought more colors to the screens, an increase of functionality and faster processing power.
Next up, we enumerate the top 5 smartphones that can go head to head with the iPhone 5 and that you won’t regret having it with you until the next generation comes.


HTC began it’s corporate life as a original design manufacturer, so it’s no wonder some consumers found this model better than the S4; the metal unibody case does that with success.  It integrates Android smoothly and with the addition of HTC Sense 5, the customized skin/launcher, this smartphone shines with features. It was delivered in April and it’s probably the best of 2013.

It’s not without flaws. All its editions, except the „Google Nexus” one, have some little problems that might put you off from buying one. There’s the „Blink Feed”, an app for news that won’t go away only after you install a third party launcher. The „Zoe” isn’t any better; it’s a photo sharing feature. The camera is not far from Ones problems; it’s pretty good in normal and low-light, but it could have been better.

Nokia Lumia 1020

What you first notice about this smartphone is the camera because it’s the best one on the market today. It has a whopping 41 megapixels, excellent optics, put together with the software to match it to produce a camera that beats anything. And if you’re tired of Android or iOS, Windows Phone 8 is a great change, especially with the new interface design.

Although the Lumia 1020 camera is the best, its construction puts a lump on the already big body design. Then there’s the cluttering of the OS, although it’s a decent option. The Windows Phone Marketplace is another drawback that the Lumia 1020 is facing; it can’t rival the Google Play or the App Store. There aren’t that many top app publishers, it has way less apps from where to choose and those aren’t that well-built as the Android or iOS ones.

Motorola Moto X

The pride of Motorola’s smartphone line is a device that integrates perfectly in your life. You feel comfortable with it in your palm or in the pocket. It’s an Android device and Google is using it to propose a new proprietary system called „ X8 Mobile Computing System”; it’s an aggregation of their advanced Touchless Control voice features, Active Notifications and gesture based controls. It’s not stock, even if it comes from Google and Motorola. And it also has a customizable look.

The voice controls, even if they are the best around for smartphones, are not that great. You got to say „OK Google Now” just to activate the system and can be cumbersome in certain social situations. The camera doesn’t impress, it’s fairly good, with a certain lagging. With all that in mind, if you disconsider the voice controls, the Lumia 1020 is the second best on the market these days.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Besides the fact that you can wave your hand at the screen to answer a call or that a video is paused when you look away, the S4 comes with high end hardware, a battery you can replace and a 13 megapixel camera. Also, the battery life is probably unmatched by any other smartphone.

Those features that Samsung loves to incorporate in everything are cool, no doubt about it, but when you put them all in a smartphone, things can get pretty hectic and could impede you from using the device. Also, Samsung tends to complicate things in a needless manner; the TouchWiz skin sums that up pretty good, with the preinstalled apps that are hard to uninstall being just a layer.

LG Optimus G Pro

A bit smaller than the Galaxy Note 3, this „phablet” (phone tablet) houses a 5.5 inch screen, making it a tad ridiculous, albeit it has a sturdy construction. Its main feature, that differentiates it from others, is called QuickMemo; it lets you make a screenshot at any time and write on it without using a stylus. And it really helps if you’re a frequent media creator. Because the Optimus G Pro is so user friendly, it’s a good choice, if you also like big phones.

The size. It’s way bigger than any smartphone and it looks fairly unearthly walking with it by your ear. His dull design doesn’t help, even if it’s practical and sturdy.

Runners up

Galaxy Note 3: Immense and not that easy to use, Samsung’s new phablet is better than the Note 2.
Blackberry Z10/Q10: One of the few smartphones with a physical keyboard, the new line from Blackberry has a new and improved operating system.
iPhone 5: A great device in its own right, although will be much cheaper after the release of the 5S.
Droid Maxx: Coming only from Verizon, this Motorola old gen houses the best battery out there.

The simplest way to jailbreak on some of Apple’s gadgets

Not so long ago, the evad3rs team published the newest version of the evasi0n jailbreak, which will allow us to jailbreak our iPhones, which have the iOS 7.0.4. At the same time, the new service pack will include support for the others versions. So, we all can jailbreak our Apple devices, with this new evasi0n version, that use an operating system from 7.0.1 to 7.0.5.
The technology is compatible with iPhone (5S, 5C, 4S, 4), iPad (Air, Mini, forth generation with A6X chip, 3, 2nd mini) and with iPod touch fifth generation.
The team has worked months to complete the new tools and they made it very easy to use. The interface is intuitive and simple, because they wanted that everyone to be capable to use it, if they wanted.
For those who use  iOS .0.4 and .0.5 it is recommended to follow a few steps before using evasi0n jailbreak, because it reduces the possibility of errors. If you are using iOS7 then is highly recommended to do it. The steps are: to create o backup  inside iTunes and to reset the gadget to iOS .0.4. Go to the cydia source at, download cydia for free and save/extract the archive on your desktop.

When you are using evasi0n jailbreak 7 you have to do as we say in the following:
1. To get the evasion 7 from the website
2. If you did the step one, than you have to extract the files form the archive and place them on desktop because is easier to use them in this way
3. You have to plug the Apple gadget using an original Apple cable and you have to run the application (evasion 7)
4. When the Evasion 7 runed, if the apple gadget has been successfully plugged, than there should appear the option jailbreak. The only thing that you have to do is to click on the button
5. At this point Evasi0n 7 is doing his thing, and you should be aware that you shouldn’t use your device
6. In the exact moment when the Evasi0n 7 shows you to, you should unlock the gadget and to click once. After that, the device will restart
7. After the device has restarted, the process is complete, and on the display you will see the Cydia icon.
At this point you can install on your device whatever you want, without restrictions. Evasi0n 7 is very simple to use, and this quality is very important to an app. The work was huge and the code is very complicated, but the team managed to do it and they’ve successfully delivered a piece of technology which can be used by many.

Change your iOS with a Brand New Cydia Theme

Users of jailbroken iOS devices are not only already familiar with Cydia but also big fans of the software, which seems to be gaining popularity by the minute, especially since the developers provide their users with a wide array of customization options, visual, musical or both.
We’ve put together a list with some of the most popular 2014 Cydia themes available at the moment, which of course we will update as more options become available. Also, we are looking forward to hearing from you, should you have any questions regarding installation or functionality of any of these applications.

1. Black’UPS Darkness HD – installing this will give your iPhone a classy look, due to the black background and distinctive icons.
2. Impacto HD Velox – this one also comes with a high definition feel to it, while at the same time being striking in its simplicity, with its rectangular icons, and somewhat translucent status bar.
3. Obscure – again, another theme for those who love simplicity, as this one keeps it in a dark and gray palette, changing several of the phone’s features, including the status bar, keys etc.
4. Mars theme – once you start using this you will notice that it presents you with two options for the Springboard User Interface, but also comes with several different wallpapers, icons and other visuals
5. Wazi theme – almost all Cydia themes provide a new lockscreen feature and this one is no different, while at the same time coming with a fresh application for messages.
6. iOS 7 theme – want to make your current iPhone look like it’s running the latest iOS? Then get this theme, but only if you own an iPhone 4 or higher, or an iPod 4G/5G.
7. Ayecon theme – probably one of the most requested ones on the list, due to the large number of creative icons, which completely change how your phone looks, thus making its apps (music player, lockscreen, dialer etc) more attractive.
8. Circon Velox theme – if you like round icons and have at least iOS 6 installed on your device, definitely get this one.
9. Carla Velox – it offers users a nice yet basic look and is perfect for those who prefer a no-nonsense approach to visual displays.
10. ConceptOS theme – you have a device that runs the iOS but also love the HTC models? This is the perfect theme for you! You will get very similar features to those available on the above mentioned smartphones, but you need to pay $2,99 for it.

Email us and let us know what your favorite Cydia themes are!

iTouchSecure, filling every password field with the help of Touch ID sensor

iPhone 5s is a pretty nice device but still its potential is wasted. I am saying this because some iPhone 5s features are not used to their full potential. For example the Touch ID combined with the right software you can create a perfect feature. What if you could autofill every password field with the help of Touch ID? Well with the help of a jailbreak tweak called iTouchSecure you can actually manage your passwords for your accounts.
Settings for this app are quite simple, you only get four toggles one that enables this tweak. The other three toggles are Auto Press OK which will automatically press OK button for you, Autofill without Touch ID automatically will autofill the password fill without Touch ID authentication, Delete all passwords is quite tricky because it deletes all passwords that have been stored by iTouchSecure.
Using this is quite simple when you see the password field you just simply place your finger to autofill the password field. It works with all apps including App Store. Authentication is short to avoid any conflicts with other tweaks that use Touch ID. The timer is a red finger print in right part of the password field showing the status when the time has elapsed in a form of a finger print turning yellow and red when the time has elapsed.
Even though it has some bugs this tweak comes at $4.99 from the BigBoss repo.