The battle for the iOS 9: who’s the winner?

We are keen on finding out who takes the lead between Apples’ two iPhones: will it be the iPhone 6s or the iPhone 6s Plus? Rumors spread about the latest that  will have a Quad Core CPU (the first for the Apple family!) and it will be equipped with a biometric sensor (precisely: a fingerprint sensor). The even better news comes with the release of the so-much-awaited iOS 9! But will we be able to put our hands on the untethered jailbreak after this release or not? We were used to jailbreak the iDevices by the means of various tethered jailbreak instruments shortly after (but in most cases it depended on the iOS of the untethered version).
Several tests were made by Dev-team (soon after the launch) and each and every function was tested. For any of them who knew the functionalities of the Cydia download tweaks, the testers were amazed to see these ones being implemented in the new version.
But the bets don’t stop at this point, as many of us wonder which of them will launch its first  jailbreak tool? Team Evad3rs is the team that offered a prompt support for jailbreaking on iOS 9 and their success was huge! Now, they updated  one of their tools called “evasi0n” in order to be able to bring support for iOS 9 as well. But the list of developers who pretend having found a different exploit is long; to name one of them: P0sixninja – he is well known for Absinthe or GreenPois0n. It is important to emphasize another amount of developers who gave up on iOS and who moved on to its enemy: Android.
Truth to be said: the newly designed iOS is to die for, but we find difficulties to have it without jailbreaking it. It doesn’t satisfy our needs even though it comes along with brand new characteristics. If you need to have the same experience offered by the iOS 9, you can get it on iOS 9 iDevices by simply adding Cydia tweaks and apps. Not to mention that you can use some neat themes (the lovely winterboard iOS 9 ones)!


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