Complete Guide to jailbreaking iPad Air , iPad and iPad Mini series with iOS 8

Those of you who have been searching for online support on how to jailbreak your device on iOS 8 using Pangu (Windows), can now have access to a complete guide on how to successfully achieve that. You can also address any other questions in the Comments or Answers section.

There are two elements you have to make sure you take care of before we start. First, you have to eliminate any passcodes on the device, only for now. After the jailbreak process is complete, you can put it back on. Second, make sure you create back ups, especially if you have previously updated OTA.

Our instruction guide starts with the iPad back up, that has to be performed manually, after the device has been connected to the computer. If you feel more comfortable, please feel free to follow our instructions right here.

Number two, we can provide a list of links right here that you can use to download the updated Pangu version. Downloading the latest version is crucial especially if you own an iPad 2. Our advice would be to place it directly on the desktop, in a newly created folder called Pwnage, along with another updated version of iOS 8.1.1 firmware, by using the links right here.

Next thing you have to do is to place the downloaded Pangu file inside our folder on the desktop, and then proceed with the actual launching of the iTunes.

The other thing you have to take care of is to make sure the device stays connected by USB to the computer. This way you will see it on the top right corner of the window, or on the left sidebar, either way is perfectly fine – that’s where you can select it.

What follows is to press and hold the Shift key and click the Restore iPad button. A window will appear and that is when you must go to the initially created Pwnage folder on the desktop and select your iPad firmware ipsw. After that, just click Open.

The next click will be on the Restore button click, so you can confirm the restore decision. And once that is completed, you can launch the application, by right clicking the pangu8.exe icon, and then selecting Run as Administrator from the menu.

A very important condition here would be to remove all lock screen passcodes that you have on the device, and then you can click the Jailbreak button and get started.

What will happen next is the application will extract all the information that the jailbreak process requires, it will upload it and perform all the necessary steps, so all you have to do is wait until you will be asked to reboot the system.

Another important aspect is the new pangu 8 app icon, as you will have to unlock the device and tap it. And it is very important to tap one time only, causing the app to open and close almost in the same time. All of that will affect the entire system, so the device will reboot. Once that happens, you will have to modify rootfs and you’re done.

Finally, the device will reboot, with Cydia this time on the Springboard, and it is also important to download the iClarified app using this link right here. Feel free to contact us if you have questions and need more assistance.

To download pangu go to or

More Features to iPhones Stock Camera iOS 9

Despite there being lots of camera programs for the iPhone, the stock camera is the most-widely-used. IPhone’s clear as the stock camera program is quicker than most other programs with distended attributes.

However, the stock camera resembles a stripped down variant of an excellent camera program. It lacks several small characteristics that may allow it to be an astonishing camera to work with. Thats where something such as a Cydia tweak comes in.

Camera Tweak 2 is a great Cydia tweak that adds strong attributes to the stock Camera program on iOS 7. It was rather strong in its preceding variant also. The brand new upgrade brings some bug fixes. You can find a lot of advantages to applying this tweak as opposed to choosing another camera program.

The best way to Add Great Attributes to iOS 9 Inventory Camera

With Camera Tweak 2, it is possible to have two places for focus lock and investigate lock. The stock camera computes exposure and focus depending on where you press and hold so its only one area determining the exposure. But with Camera Tweak 2, it is possible to focus the lens on an place but decide exposure settings from another element of the picture. This is useful if you are shooting google photos in low light.

Choose a Resolution of Your Selection
The tweak additionally allows you to select what resolution you would like the image to be in. Thats for the picture.

Click an image In Video
Besides that, you can create your camera click pictures when its record a video. This is something Samsung boasted around in among their Note phablets and something thats mostly missing from many other camera programs also.

Camera Tweak 2 additionally has a White Balance lock (for both videos and pictures).

Two Timers
 You will find just two types of timers in the tweak you can use. The first one is the conventional timer that clicks a graphic following a specific time lapse. This is helpful when you would like to get selfies.

 The lapse timer setting can make the camera click a image mechanically at regular times. I dont understand just where that is useful but sounds just like a fancy attribute.

Camera Tweak 2 is a must have tweak for iPhone users.

The tweak is upward on BigBoss repo and also you can buy it for $1.49. Practice the measures to authenticate a payment (from PayPal or another means) and then the tweak can get installed. It’s possible for you to head over to Settings ? Camera Tweak to shift the settings.