iTouchSecure, filling every password field with the help of Touch ID sensor

iPhone 5s is a pretty nice device but still its potential is wasted. I am saying this because some iPhone 5s features are not used to their full potential. For example the Touch ID combined with the right software you can create a perfect feature. What if you could autofill every password field with the help of Touch ID? Well with the help of a jailbreak tweak called iTouchSecure you can actually manage your passwords for your accounts.
Settings for this app are quite simple, you only get four toggles one that enables this tweak. The other three toggles are Auto Press OK which will automatically press OK button for you, Autofill without Touch ID automatically will autofill the password fill without Touch ID authentication, Delete all passwords is quite tricky because it deletes all passwords that have been stored by iTouchSecure.
Using this is quite simple when you see the password field you just simply place your finger to autofill the password field. It works with all apps including App Store. Authentication is short to avoid any conflicts with other tweaks that use Touch ID. The timer is a red finger print in right part of the password field showing the status when the time has elapsed in a form of a finger print turning yellow and red when the time has elapsed.
Even though it has some bugs this tweak comes at $4.99 from the BigBoss repo.

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